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35 years ago, the landmark sexual study by Kinsey, et. al. concluded that the bukkake anal region has erotic significance for about half the population. 47 percent of men and 61 percent of women reported having tried  anal sex. Though not often talked about in public, bukkake  sex is exciting, fun and stimulating to a great many people. In this guide, we explore the facts and fallacies regarding bukkake anal , giving you a guide to enjoying  anal sex for years to come.
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  • Bukkake Hardcore xxx adult Anal Sex Positions
    • Doggie Style Probably the most commonly thought of bukkake anal sex position is "doggie style", where the receiving partner kneels on all fours and the inserting partner approaches from the rear. Though this is the most common bukkake anal position, it's not necessarily the most comfortable or the best beginner position, as the position of the receiving partner tends to tighten up their anus.
    • Flying Doggie A variation of the popular doggie style position in which the giver stands behind the receiver (instead of kneeling) and places their feet outside the legs of the receiver. You'll find that the giver will be positioned higher and will be inserting into the anus in a more downward fashion (you're almost in mid-leap if you were playing leapfrog).
    • Missionary The standard missionary style position (man on top, partner on bottom) is actually also the best beginner position for bukkake anal sex, as it allows the receiver to fully relax the anus, making penetration much easier.
    • Bukkake Anal Drop This position puts the receiver on top and the giver on the bottom. You might think that this is the best beginner position, since it gives the receiver control over how much - how fast, but being on top actually causes the receiver to involuntarily tighten up the anus, making penetration difficult.
    • Double Penetration Available only to women as a receiver, the art of double penetration can bring extreme pleasure to the woman. Because the anus is highly sensitive and there are many shared sexual nerve endings between the walls of the vagina and the anus, simultaneous stimulation can be quite erotic.
    • Side Bukkake Anal Another good beginner position is side bukkake anal, where the receiver lays on their side and the giver approaches from the rear. The receiver can relax the anus and the giver can easily access the entire bukkake anal area.
    • Kama Sutra Bukkake Anal The Kama Sutra is an ancient text that teaches us to how to maximize our pleasure during lovemaking. It also teaches that bukkake anal sex is not "taboo" or forbidden. Rather, bukkake anal sex is looked upon as a key to releasing certain sexual and physical energies.
    • Wheel Barrel In this position, the giver approaches the receiver from behind, similar to doggie stye, but lifts the receiver's legs into the air. The receiver must support themselves with their arms only or lay flat on a bed or chair.
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Complete guide to bukkake asian anal sex positions and asian bukkake anal sex tips.

  • Bukkake XXX Anal Sex Tips
    • Preparing for Sex To get ready for bukkake anal sex, the first thing the receiver needs to do is relax. A hot bath or a massage beforehand is always a good idea to get prepared.
    • Start Slowly Because there is a very fine line between pain and pleasure during bukkake anal sex, we suggest that you begin your bukkake anal explorations very slowly and proceed at a leisurely pace that will allow to experience and appreciate each level of insertion.
    • Proper Lubrication More so than in any other form of sex, proper lubrication is essential in the enjoyment of bukkake anal sex. Every time you insert anything into the anus, from a finger to a penis, you're likely to tear tissue walls along the sides (much like you do to the inside of your mouth every time you brush your teeth).
    • Male Prostate Stimulation Though many men are reluctant to admit it, most find some sort of bukkake anal stimulation to be erotically stimulating. Even non-gay men report that inserting a finger or butt plug into the anus during sex causes incredible, throbbing orgasms.
    • Bukkake Anal Orgasm A small percentage of men and women can achieve actual orgasm through exclusive bukkake anal stimulation (ie., bukkake anal stimulation alone). Though many men and women enjoy and take great pleasure in bukkake anal stimulation, it is most often in conjunction with normal sexual activities, the orgasm is simply heightened by bukkake anal sex.
    • Combination Sex Most people find that bukkake anal sex is a tremendous tool to enhance their regular sex activities. In a majority of cases, the actual bukkake anal sex is used in conjunction with a variety of other sexual activities and positions.
    • The Best bukkake anal Position Have the receiving partner lie on their back with their knees in the air. The inserting partner should kneel or lie facing the receiving parner and insert at an angle that is comfortable to both. In this position, the receiving partner can relax several muscles necessary for pleasurable bukkake anal sex.

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  • Hygiene Proper hygiene is essential for any type of bukkake anal sex, especially any bukkake anal penetrations.
  • Anatomy Two closely spaced muscle rings, called sphincters surround the bukkake anal opening. The outer sphincter is controlled like any muscle, you can contract or relax it at will. The inner sphincter is governed involuntarily and it responds to fear and anxiety, causing the receiving partner to tense up the inner sphincter.
  • Your First Experience Most people find that bukkake anal sex is a tremendous tool to enhance their regular sex activities. In a majority of cases, the actual bukkake anal sex is used in conjunction with a variety of other sexual activities and positions. A little bukkake anal stimulation is almost always welcomed during oral sex (try using your finger around and even in the anus while you are performing oral sex with your mouth).
  • Bukkake Analingus Analingus is the act of licking or inserting the tongue into the anus to provide pleasure. Both men and women enjoy analingus and you can use some of the same techniques on each.
  • Fingering the Anus Before fingering the anus, make sure your fingernails are trimmed tight and you have the proper lubrication. A little spit is better than nothing. You can use any finger you like, but the difference in size (except for the thumb) is not as great as you'd imagine.
  • Bukkake Anal Massage Start with your partner naked and comfortably face down on a bed or massage table. You can be clothed or not, depending on how you want to end the massage. Begin by slowly kneading the muscles of the back and neck. Always try to push or knead the muscles towards the heart. The greatly helps the circulation in the area and is a cornerstone of the Swedish technique.
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